Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FARMS Community Kitchen Trip

We had a great trip to the FARMS Community Kitchen Yesterday! We made two great recipes,  a winter minestrone soup and Beet and Parsnip burgers. The kids had a great time peeling onions and garlic, peeling and cutting vegetables, measuring ingredients and taste testing kohlrabi and raw  spinach. Kohlrabi was a big hit! Everyone in our class tried it and most want to have it again. Kohlrabi is new to me as well. See if you can find this crazy, root vegetable next time you are at Hanford, Rising Tide or a Winters Farmer's Market! It looks like this...
The big green one with splits in it and the small purple one with slits in it.

To find the recipes we have made together this year, check out our recipes page!
FARMS Kitchen - January

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