Wish List

On this page you will find things we need, want or are dreaming of for our classroom.  Any donations are appreciated.

  1.  Headphones
Each student uses headphone when using an iPad or listening station. Last year a few parents donated enough so our whole class had a set. Unfortunately they didn't make it through a second year despite out efforts to take good care of them. The often separate where they plug in due to being unplugged frequently.

      2.  Glee Gum

We use to gum to help improve attention during academic times. We go through a lot. I usually purchase a couple packs a week during my shopping trips at Rising Tide. 

Link to Glee Gum

     3. Black Sharpie Markers   A BIG THANK-YOU TO THE LONDONS!

     4. Osmo Learning System. We had the chance to borrow the Kindergartens "Osmo" for our technology time with Kassie. What a great tool for learning. It has endless possibilities.  Please visit the Play Osmo Website to see all of the educational possibilities this piece of technology has.

Link to Osmo Learning System

5. Dymo Label Maker

Link to Dymo Label Maker

That's it for now! Check back as I will be updating as needs arise.

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